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Today Evening, When i was passing by on road 1- KPHB, the tag line  “rent – read – return” caught my eye.I stepped into this store which is a franchise of  “JustBooksclc” where they rent books.


I really liked the idea and became a member without a second thought.  The store looks good with a decent collection more on fiction.   Techies will be disappointed,  as it does not  have any books like ” c /c++/ java/ os fundamentals ”   etc….  🙂


 I wondered how come this kind of franchise model took so far to happen.(  Later i googled on on the same and came to know there are such institutions which already exist but more limited to a region/locality) . Took a book & a magazine to start with,  in the hope that i will read atleast 1 book every month  🙂
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