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పర్లేదుకదా …!

Now a days, i am really fascinated about the use of the this word. I thoroughly enjoyed mahesh’s dialogue in pokiri when he asks illeane in the lift ” పర్లేదుకదా …!” . After the Satyam fiasco, whenever some of my … Continue reading

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The Alchemist

At last I could complete this book, after trying hard from the last few weekends. I came to know about this book, (which was published way back in 1988) after usha got other title The Zahir from the same author. … Continue reading

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Why mother is so special ?

When I came home in the rain, Brother asked why didn’t you take an umbrella. Sister advised, Why didn’t you wait till rain stopped. Father angrily warned, only after getting cold, you will realize. But Mother, while drying my hair, … Continue reading

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E 007

Ya, you guessed it right !! thats my Employee ID Just completed 5 years at my present company, which has been a exciting roller coaster ride so far. Our company, which started with product development went on to be a … Continue reading

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