Fierro F2

In Dec’04, myself and one of my friend bought new bikes on the same day. While i selected Fierro F2, he choose pulser. When the idea of owning bike came to my mind, I just took it and did not even consult my parents. May be this is one of the Side Effects of joining your first JOB and having EMI mode for loan repayment 🙂 , (Later I have to search ways on how to convey the same to my parents). It was a pretty good bike and really felt good that I bought it.

When u love something , u really don’t care about any issues it has. Though my bike had a issue with the gears from day one, i got used to it.

For 4 years everything went well, i have no new issues. But one problem is, i am pretty bad at making sure that it get’s serviced regularly.

After 4 years and with the courtesy of the Hyderabad petrol pumps, it’s bore pisten went bad. I had to get that replaced. As this model is not available these days, it took a month to get the required part.

After one part is replaced, seems like other parts are asking for it :-). Now, I had to replace one of it’s tires.

I hope, i will continue to use this for the next couple of years…..

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